A Heart full of pride !!!

A Heart FULL of Pride !!!

One of the things that attracted me to a career as a Celebrant originally, was the informality and flexibility the NZ Celebrant is able to offer, AND, more importantly, that in NZ, unlike many other countries around the world, NZ Registered Marriage Celebrants are ACTUALLY able to MARRY their lovely couples…I consider this to be a real honour, and my heart almost BURSTS with pride each, and every time I sign on the dotted line…

When I first travelled to NZ and encountered my first Celebrant (at my own elopement!!!), it was such a revelation that they could actually do the entire business!  Coming from the UK, at that time the only options for engaged couples, were either a church wedding or perfunctory Registry Office Wedding…with Celebrants being a virtually unknown entity in the UK back then.  Currently, although choices of venue etc have improved in the UK (and Europe) and Celebrant led Ceremonies have gained popularity, in England & Wales, couples still have to undertake a Registry Office ceremony to meet the legal requirements.

This week, I was reminded of my very privileged position when I saw that several engaged couples in the UK have appealed to the High Court, for legal recognition of Humanist* Marriage Ceremonies.   The judge has yet to make a decision, but I for one hope that logic and reason will prevail, and that the Judge will decide that England & Wales should align themselves with Scotland and Ireland, who already recognise the legality of humanist ceremonies, thus affording engaged couples a truly wonderful opportunity to have a meaningful, personalised, non-religious ceremony with the same legal standing of those performed in an organised religious institution.  

Sooo, all you lovely, lovely people out there who are planning on getting hitched…I can literally marry you, anytime, anyplace, anywhere – the possibilities are endless…if you want to be the next lovely couple to make my heart burst, contact me and let’s make it HAPPEN!!!


Arohanui xoxo


*Humanist Ceremonies are non-religious, performed by Celebrants who share the same beliefs as their couples.