#Getting through this…

Going into lockdown here in NZ last Friday, my emotions were in complete turmoil…a mixture of anxiety; fear of the unknown; concern for my family and friends, and, financial unease.  Then, if I’m honest… almost from the very moment we became encapsulated within our ‘bubble’, I felt a huge sense of relief.

Although I totally appreciate the devastating effects Covid-19 is wreaking around the globe, from a personal perspective, I have tried to view the ‘time’ that has been gifted to us as a ‘bitter-sweet’ blessing.  Why you might ask?

Having experienced a very recent, and tragic, personal bereavement, it’s as though, I personally, and we, as a family, have been given permission to rest, recover, restore our souls, and piece together our broken hearts without the ‘normal’ mundane pressures of everyday life, and from within the peaceful sanctuary of our respective quarantines’.

Like many others dispersed all over this wee planet of ours, being separated by time and space from many of our nearest and dearest, the events of this particular moment in time, has made our grief especially hard to bear.

Apart from being a Registered Marriage Celebrant, I am also a trained Funeral Celebrant, however, offering support and guidance following a close, family bereavement, is a whole different ball game…emotions are raw, conflicted and deeply felt.  A difficulty exacerbated by separation and our physical ‘distance’ from each other.

In the act of coming to terms with my personal grief and loss, I have found myself being EVEN more mindful of the advice I give to the closely bereaved, purely because of my overwhelming, primal instinct to protect and nurture those so intimately involved.

Now, as a rule, I am an intensively private person, and prefer not to share too much of ‘myself’ on social media, but, perhaps, as a result of the unprecedented situation we, as a collective, and we, as a family, find ourselves in…in trying to offer the very best of myself in way of support I took the unusual step of reaching out to private groups, forums, and individuals, asking for advice and guidance…the response I received has been almost overwhelming…especially from those who have shared deeply painful memories from their own human experience.  To those individuals who responded with messages of love and support, Namaste…I am eternally grateful.

Since the implementation of strict ‘social isolation’ restrictions, social media platforms often maligned as the root cause of recent social ‘disconnect’, have largely redeemed themselves.  The trolls have in the majority remained silent – although, in my own experience they are still out there ‘keyboard ready’… For me, as for many, social media has provided a means to communicate and to re-connect – they have opened the door to a ‘virtual’ support network on a global scale, and the online atmosphere of love; kindness and compassion; support and encouragement is palpable.

I am not a religious person, but I am reminded of the Biblical verse from Matthew 7:7

“ask and you will receive; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be open for you”…

I can only hope that, if and when, Covid-19 becomes just another blot on the world’s copybook, that the same altruistic sense of solidarity continues and ‘the door’ to this shared humanity remains propped firmly open …

Stay home, stay safe, stay well…



5 thoughts on “#Getting through this…”

  1. What a Heart felt blog from you Daughter mine,we will God willing survive this dreadful virus ,and being involved in that Bereavement it’s hard for us all to be so far apart,unable to give comfort and Hugs to those we love,I feel for all those who have been affected and pray we will all remember how everyone has come together at this time.

  2. Dear Julie, thank you for your eloquent words that I have read and re read. Your words rest, recover, restore our souls, resonated with me not only for what you are going through but for our world in general at this time, ones we need to remember when this passes.
    I suggested that you wrote the ceremony for your beloved boys, I wonder if you did.
    Sending blessings and love to you and your family

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